Quench Your Mercedes-Benz Vehicle’s Thirst!

Oil Change

Mercedes-Benz engines are high-powered machines with a lot of moving parts. These parts create an incredible amount of friction, so it’s important they remain lubricated to keep the engine operating smoothly and prevent overheating. Oil is used to lubricate the engine, but over time it breaks down and cannot do its job as effectively. That’s why Mercedes-Benz Synthetic Motor Oil Replacements are necessary parts of regular vehicle maintenance;  this service is quick and easy, and it keeps your car running smoother for longer

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Regular Maintenance

A Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement* is a regular part of vehicle ownership, and fortunately the process is simple. A Mercedes-Benz technician simply drains the oil currently lubricating your engine and replaces it with fresher and more effective oil. It’s important to have this service performed whenever the Flexible Service System alerts you that it’s time for service.

Like other routine maintenance procedures, scheduling a Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement with us is convenient and easy; you can do so online from the comfort of your home!

You Can Trust Mercedes-Benz

Synthetic Motor Oil Replacements, like tire rotations, are minor and regular services, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Your car is still being maintained, serviced, and repaired, and there’s no one more qualified to handle a Mercedes-Benz certified technician. Our staff of Master Certified Technicians have the experience, resources, and knowledge necessary to make sure your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is serviced quickly and to the exacting standards of Mercedes-Benz. That’s a standard of quality that you can stand behind – every time.

Learn More About Regular Maintenance at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu

If you’re a driver in the Honolulu area and you’d like to learn more about when you need a Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement and how to schedule one, you can contact us online, or by calling us at (808) 592-5151. We offer service from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. You can also visit us at 818 Kapiolani Boulevard in Honolulu, HI and see us in person today!

*Oil and filter change is the base advertised service component. Additional services as determined by your vehicle’s ASSYST Plus system, which calculates service needs based on your driving habits, time, mileage and environmental conditions, may increase service cost.