What to Expect From the 20,000-Mile Service B Mercedes-Benz Maintenance


The last time you visited an auto service provider for scheduled Service A repairs, your vehicle’s maintenance counter was reset to prepare for the next interval: *Service B. The services your vehicle will receive are similar to those of Service A, but with a few extras that will make certain that your vehicle is performing like new at this stage in its life. When you visit Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu in Honolulu County, you can trust that your Service B will be completed by trained and certified Mercedes-Benz technicians who know your vehicle inside and out.

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Typical Service B Maintenances

During your scheduled Service B appointment, you can expect your vehicle to receive the following services:

  • Synthetic motor oil replacement**
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Cabin dust/combination filter replacement
  • Tire inflation check and correction
  • Inspection and rotation of tires
  • Brake fluid exchange
  • Inspection of all hoses and belts
  • Brake component inspection
  • Interior and exterior lamp inspection
  • Reset Maintenance Counter
  • Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu 32-point inspection and road-test

By thoroughly checking these vehicle systems and components, our trained technicians will be able to correctly diagnose and problem areas, or ensure you that your vehicle is right on schedule with required maintenance. Either way, the goal of the repairs and maintenances that take place during Service B is to make sure that even after its second year of being driven, your vehicle is performing according to stringent Mercedes-Benz standards for the 20,000-mile interval check. In other words, these services are just a way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle investment.

We’re Here to Help with Mercedes-Benz Service B

If your vehicle’s Mercedes-Benz Maintenance System is reminding you that it’s time for Service B, or even Service C, make sure your first stop is at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu. Located at 818 Kapiolani Boulevard, our dealership will make sure that only the finest Mercedes-Benz trained and certified technicians perform your maintenance. If you’d like to schedule your appointment ahead of time, please contact our service department by phone at (808) 592-5151 Monday through Saturday and we’ll be happy to help.

*All included Service B maintenance points at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu are for vehicle years 1998 and newer and may vary depending on your vehicle’s model and year.

**Oil and filter change is the base advertised service component. Additional services as determined by your vehicle’s ASSYST Plus system, which calculates service needs based on your driving habits, time, mileage and environmental conditions, may increase service cost.