Wheel Alignment for Your Mercedes-Benz Vehicle


Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is a high-performance machine designed for impressive power and handling. Routine maintenance helps to keep it in like-new condition, so it continues to perform as well as it did the day you first drove it home. One aspect of scheduled maintenance that can be neglected is wheel alignment. Your wheels and tires are integral to your vehicle’s overall functionality, and if they are not properly aligned, your vehicle’s performance can suffer. And, you may require a tire replacement faster. The tire center at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu is the best choice for Honolulu drivers in need of wheel alignment for their Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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What is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is a service in which a technician readjusts the angles of the wheels so that they’re set to the car manufacturer’s specifications. This is a standard maintenance procedure and is typically done during oil service or when you receive new tires. During a wheel alignment, your technician will check:

  • Toe: How much your tires turn inward or outward when viewed from above
  • Camber: The inward or outward tilt of the tire when viewed from the front of the vehicle
  • Caster adjustments: The angle of your steering axis when viewed from the side of your vehicle

Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Your Mercedes-Benz is a finely-tuned piece of equipment that should hug the road at every turn, absorbing small irregularities with ease. If you’ve noticed that those Ewa Beach roads are rougher than they used to be and driving up to Waipahu leaves you feeling more shaken than stirred, you may have serious alignment issues that require attention. The following are signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle in for service:

  • Increased road noise
  • Tire vibration
  • Pulling to the left or right
  • Pulsing or vibrating steering wheel
  • Uneven tire wear

Why Get a Tire Alignment?

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should have your alignment inspected – and soon! Leaving issues unchecked can cause expensive damage to the vehicle’s suspension and stability control systems, making it more difficult to control in emergency situations. Tires in need of alignment can experience:

  • Feathering: The tire tread becomes smooth on one side and sharp on the other
  • Camber Wear: Significantly more tire wear occurs on the inside or outside of the tire
  • Heel/Toe Wear: One side of your tread blocks wear more quickly than the other in a circumferential direction

Who Should Perform a Tire Alignment?

To ensure that your vehicle’s alignment is repaired correctly and that your warranty remains intact, it’s important that the work is performed by a Mercedes-Benz Certified Technician. Only certified technicians are authorized by the factory to maintain your vehicle’s delicate systems, and only Mercedes-Benz shops have equipment that’s guaranteed by the manufacturer to get the job done right the first time. And, unlike general mechanics, our technicians have the knowledge of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to also check for signs of developing problems during wheel alignments.

Choose Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu for Your Wheel Alignment Needs!

When you’re in need of a wheel alignment or any type of service on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, turn to the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu. Our trusted team of technicians will get the job done right and provide you with the peace of mind needed to hit Ewa Beach and Waipahu roads in confidence. We can also provide money off your wheel alignment cost with our service and parts specials! You can schedule your appointment online or contact us for an exact quote on your wheel alignment cost today!