A Brutal Race: How Nico Rosberg Became 2016’s Formula 1 World Champion

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The Rivalry is Real-

Mercedes-Benz Petronas Formula 1 racers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton had a lot to compete for this past race, but most of all the World Championship title. Being neck and neck most of the year, Lewis Hamilton closed out the year with 10 victories and Nico with one less, at 9. While Hamilton not only won the last race of the season and holds more victories, the World Champion title actually belongs to teammate, Nico Rosberg. Confused? Let’s us explain. Formula 1 runs on a point system, so depending on what place a driver finishes, they are awarded points on the following scale:  1st place – 25 points; 2nd -18; 3rd – 15; 4th -12; 5th – 10; 6th – 8; 7th – 6; 8th – 4; 9th – 2; 10th – 1. In the event of tied positions, precedence is granted to the driver holding a superior racing record.


The last race of the season was held in Abu Dhabi over Thanksgiving weekend and was brutal to say the least. There was a lot at stake, and Lewis Hamilton knew that his only chance at winning his 4th World Championship in a row depended on his teammate’s final placing. The only way Hamilton could manage another title was to ensure his teammate Rosberg didn’t place in the top 3. If you have been keeping up with Formula 1, then you know that the chances of Rosberg not placing were slim, especially considering his starting placement in the race that day and his past year win record. This rational didn’t stop Hamilton from thinking he could still compete and win though.

Ultimately, it came down to the final laps. Rosberg was on the way to a win, but Lewis couldn’t give up his chance at the title. In a desperate attempt to win, Lewis ignored his team’s requests to speed up which would have helped his teammate pass some other opponents and come a little closer to owning the title. Instead, Hamilton who was leading the race, slowed down in effort to box in the other opponents and push his team mate to the back of the race. Unfortunately, Hamilton’s strategy didn’t work. Even though he won the race, Rosberg ended up placing second. This second place spot was enough to win Rosberg the World Championship title giving him 385 points for the season, 5 more than opponent and teammate, Lewis Hamilton.


It was a tough call. Teammates become opponents when everyone is competing for the biggest title of the season. Why not let the drivers do their job and race? It certainly makes for a more thrilling race for the spectators and keeps the drivers on their toes. There is some controversy though. Was Lewis Hamilton in the wrong for wanting to win under any circumstance, even if it meant hindering his own teammate’s position in the race? Or was he just doing his job and giving the viewers a good race to watch, all while giving it his personal best?


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