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Mercedes-Benz Detailing Services

Have you been thinking of refreshing the appearance of your vehicle but are left wondering, “What is car detailing?” Mercedes-Benz detailing takes your average car wash and kicks it up a few notches to provide a thorough, deep clean of your vehicle. With services that include interior car detailing and exterior car detailing, your vehicle will have a like-new appearance both inside and out. The Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu service center shares more about vehicle detailing near Waipahu below!

What is Car Detailing and How is it Performed?

Car detailing starts with a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior and is followed by light reconditioning services to restore the vehicle’s shine. Schedule car detailing in Honolulu, and your vehicle will be washed to remove dirt. Once the body is clean, technicians will examine the paint for issues, and then it will be polished and buffed. If needed, other treatments can be applied to restore the look of your vehicle. For the vehicle’s exterior, treatments include using a clay bar or premium wax to remove additional dirt or refresh the look of the paint. Treatments for interior car detailing can include stain removal or leather treatments. 

Car Detailing Services: Exterior Steps

Schedule vehicle detailing near Kapolei, and you’ll find the service can help correct a number of vehicle imperfections, though it’s not made to restore major paint damage. Imperfections that car detailing services can resolve include light scratches, oxidation, and swirl marks. Bring your vehicle into our service center for car detailing in Honolulu, and your vehicle will receive the following treatment: 

  • The body of your vehicle will be washed and then dried using microfiber towels
  • Components like wheels, brake calipers, and lug nuts will be leaned
  • Tires are dressed
  • Stuck-on dirt can be loosened using a clay bar 
  • Polishing is used to buff out imperfections
  • Paint is waxed for added shine and protection
  • Engine bay is detailed on later model cars
  • Elements like exhaust tips, door handles, and more are cleaned
  • Windows and rubber are cleaned

What are Interior Car Detailing Services? 

With interior car detailing services, your upholstery will be cleaned, vacuumed, and shampooed. Vinyl and plastic surfaces are then cleansed. Next, any leather upholstery or surfaces will be washed and then followed by a conditioning treatment. To top off your interior car detailing, interior windows and trims will also be wiped and cleaned. 

Benefits to Mercedes-Benz Car Detailing

While some car washes offer car detailing services, they can’t match the high standards that come with Mercedes-Benz car detailing. Extending beyond your standard vehicle detailing near Kaneohe, only luxury vehicle experts perform Mercedes-Benz car detailing. With extensive knowledge in the high-end paint and upscale materials used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, our technicians use only recommended products and techniques in caring for your Mercedes-Benz. 

Enjoy Car Detailing in Honolulu! 

Spruce up the look of your Mercedes-Benz with car detailing services at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu! We offer full Mercedes-Benz detailing to keep your new or used Mercedes-Benz looking its best. To learn more about our car detailing services, contact us today! 

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