What is BlueTEC® Diesel Technology?

July 5th, 2017 by

BlueTEC® Technology

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® diesel technology is part of what helps new Mercedes-Benz SUVs behave with such compelling flair without producing an unhealthy glut of emissions. It also allows gas-powered SUVs to go further on less fuel, reducing the need for frequent fill-ups and cutting costs. To learn more about BlueTEC® diesel technology and how it improves your drive, simply read on.

How Does Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® Work?

Mercedes-Benz introduced the first ever diesel-powered vehicle way back in 1936. Boasting 30% improved fuel economy over its gas-powered brethren, the Mercedes-Benz 260D quickly made a name for itself, and Mercedes-Benz has continued to push the diesel to new heights.

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® diesel technology is the latest example of that push towards the future. It brings a comprehensive selection of improvements to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including:

  • High-pressure fuel injection for smoother performance and reduced fuel wastage
  • Variable-vane turbochargers to draw more power from every last drop of fuel
  • AdBlue® solution to convert harmful nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless oxygen and nitrogen

SUVs are traditionally seen as quite inefficient, but these breakthroughs are seeing that trend reinvented—and AdBlue® ensures that emissions are just as low as fuel-consumption rates. In fact, Germany’s largest automobile association rates BlueTEC® first for CO2 emissions for luxury vehicles!

How Does BlueTEC® Improve SUV Performance?

When drivers visit Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu, they expect to find SUVs that offer responsive on-road performance and the grit to head out into the backcountry. BlueTEC® technology is part of what makes that possible. A high degree of torque is assured through diesel power, as well as improved efficiency and reduced emissions.

Just look at a modern model like the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLS 350d 4MATIC®. It comes with a 3.0L turbocharged diesel V6 engine that generates up to 455 lb-ft of torque and tow up to 7,500 pounds, all while prioritizing efficiency beyond what might have been thought possible just a few short years ago.

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