Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van: Service A & Service B


The enduring popularity of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van owes much to its legendary dependability, but you still need to follow Service A* and B* schedules to help your vehicle go the distance for years to come without any trouble. Each part is precisely designed to deliver optimal performance, and the service team here at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu has the extensive knowledge and wide range of certified components to guarantee prime condition is maintained. All you have to do is follow a simple Sprinter schedule, i.e. Service A** and B**.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Service A

After the first 10,000 miles or 1 year of ownership, whichever comes first, it’s time to brings your vehicle in for Sprinter service via the Service A schedule. After that first service, you’ll treat your van to another Service A appointment at 10K, 30K, 50K, 70K miles, and so on. During these sessions, certified technicians will carry out the following repairs and maintenances:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Service B

After Service A is Service B, coming after the first 20,000 miles or 2 years, whichever arrives first. After that, you’ll follow 20,000-mile or even year intervals for Service B appointments, returning to a certified center at 40K, 60K, 80K miles, and so on. Your Sprinter van will be given the exact same attention as it would during a Service A checkup, with the addition of a cabin dust/combination replacement and brake fluid exchange.

Schedule Sprinter Van Service at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu!

Next time you’re wondering, “Where can I find Sprinter Van service near me?” come straight to the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu! We’ll conduct all the repairs and maintenances listed above whenever you need a Service A or B, so don’t hesitate to book your next appointment online. Our service department is open Monday through Saturday, and you can contact us at (808) 592-5151. Don’t forget to check out our Sprinter offers for service coupons and more!

*2009 and newer Mercedes-Benz vehicles only. Price advertised for Service A/Service B includes all factory-required components. Please refer to your maintenance booklet for the complete list of factory-required services and details on the specific intervals for your vehicle’s year and model.

**Services and pricing for Service A/Service B may vary due to your driving habits, mileage, and local environmental conditions. Please refer to your maintenance booklet for additional details and general guidelines for your vehicle’s year and model.

***Oil and filter change is the base advertised service component. Additional services as determined by your vehicle’s ASSYST Plus system, which calculates service needs based on your driving habits, time, mileage and environmental conditions, may increase service cost.